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It consists of two 1450mm color coating lines. The paint is KCC or NIPPON. Hundreds of colors can be customized according to the user's choice. The specifications are 0.15-1.2mm X 900-1250mm, and the annual output is 300,000 tons.

(1) Tensile test:

(1) Performance indicators: Generally speaking, only galvanized sheets for structural, tensile and deep drawing applications have tensile performance requirements. Among them, galvanized sheet for structure requires yield point, tensile strength and elongation, while for stretching, only elongation is required. Specific values can be found in the relevant product standards in "8" of this section.

(2) Test method: The test method is the same as that of common thin steel plate. See the relevant standard provided by "8" and the test method standard listed in "common carbon steel sheet".

(2) Bending test:

Bending test is the main item to measure the technological performance of sheet metal, but the requirements of various national standards for galvanized sheet metal are not the same. Except for the structural level, the other American standards do not require bending and tensile tests. In Japan, bending tests are required except for structural grade, building corrugated plates and general corrugated plates.

Requirements: It is generally required that after 180 bending of galvanized sheet, no zinc layer can be detached from the outer surface and no cracks or cracks can be found on the base of the sheet.

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