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Product Specification: 0.14-1.8mm x 900-1250mm

Two 1450mm hot-dip galvanizing (aluminium) production lines have the functions of annealing reduction, galvanizing, finishing, stretching and straightening, passivation, and can produce 900-1250mm steel bandwidth. 1 # galvanizing line is specially designed for galvanizing with thickness of 0.14-1.8 mm and single-sided galvanizing layer thickness of 20-140 g/. 2 # Aluminum-zinc plating line can be plated with 5%, 15%, 25% and 55% Aluminum-zinc, and the thickness of Aluminum-zinc coating can be 17-35 g/. The annual output of the two lines is 500,000 tons.

The product has excellent shape, surface quality and meets the mechanical performance requirements of users. Widely used in household appliances, construction, automobile and other fields.

In recent years, China's galvanized sheet production has increased year by year, while imports have also increased year by year, the growth rate is even higher than that of production; after deducting repeated production statistics, the consumption of galvanized sheet is about 5.27 million tons. After 1999, the import of galvanized sheet exceeded the production for the first time. The self-sufficiency rate of domestic products was less than 50%, and the trend was decreasing year by year.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic car market, the basic popularization of household appliances and personal computers, the large export of electronic products and the development of the anti-theft door market, the demand for galvanized sheets has increased too fast. At present, the production scale of galvanized sheet in China, whether in quantity or in variety or quality, can not meet the needs of the domestic market. From 1998 to 2002, the domestic production of galvanized sheet increased slowly, from 170,000 tons to 400,000 tons, while the import increased rapidly, from 730,000 tons to 1.78 million tons, and the apparent consumption increased from 870,000 tons to 2.16 million tons. The self-sufficiency rate of domestic products is less than 20%.

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