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At present, there is still a gap between China's iron and steel industry and the world's advanced level in terms of variety, quality, cost, service and labor productivity. Facing the increasingly fierce international and domestic market competition, we must speed up the pace of structural adjustment. This is not only the need for the survival and development of China's metallurgical industry, but also the development trend of the world's metallurgical industry. Hot Dip Galavnizing was invented in the mid-18th century. It was developed from hot galvanizing process. After 50 years of development, continuous hot-dip galvanizing process for steel strip has become a mature and technologically advanced industrial technology. Up to now, hot-dip galvanizing is still the most widely used and effective process measure in steel corrosion prevention methods. In the construction industry, light steel keels, floor panels, corrugated boards, curtain doors, etc. are used in various industries and civil buildings; in the household appliances and light industries, they are used for the shell and floor of various household appliances; galvanized steel sheets are widely used in light industry, household appliances, automobiles and construction industries.

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