What are the characteristics of color steel plate

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Coloured steel plate is based on cold rolled steel plate and galvanized steel plate. The price of color coated steel plate is prepared by surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion), continuous coating (roll coating), baking and cooling. Coated steel plate has been widely used and developed in household appliances industry because of its light weight, beautiful appearance, good corrosion resistance and direct processing.

It has the decorative effect of monochrome, pearlescent, pattern, etc. It also has the advantages of rich color, high production efficiency, fast turnover speed, environmental protection and pollution-free. Its application field has also expanded from the first hundred windows to the building exterior wall, interior decoration, transportation and household appliances exterior decoration industries.

Color steel plate, commonly known as color steel plate, is based on high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, hot-dip galvanized steel plate or aluminized galvanized steel plate. After degreasing, phosphating and chromate treatment, it is coated with organic coating and baked. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, bright color and good durability. It is widely used in construction, household appliances, decoration, automobile and other fields.

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