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China's construction industry has developed rapidly, and the construction industry has become the pillar industry of the national economy. In the construction industry, the large-scale use of curtain wall has become the characteristics of this era's architecture. Due to the great development of construction industry, 70% of curtain wall buildings in the world have risen in China. Nowadays, curtain wall design and shaping constitute an effective means for architects to sprinkle architectural art inspiration with the characteristics of the times.

Aluminum sheet is widely used in metal curtain walls, covering almost all public buildings, such as office buildings, hotels, business squares, Convention and Exhibition centers, airports and so on. Colored steel sheets are seldom used in these curtain walls of public buildings. However, because of its unique advantages, the use of color steel sheets in industrial building walls and even roofs is extremely huge.

The color steel plate curtain wall has better stiffness than the aluminum single plate curtain wall, stronger deformation resistance than the aluminum plate, anti-collision, and is not easy to deform. It has good anti-collision and anti-wear properties. The corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, powder resistance and chemical resistance of color steel sheet have reached a high level. The coloured steel plate of Bosch Laishi Company is a high-quality resistant plate, which is coated with aluminium-zinc alloy.

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