The Uniqueness of Coloured Steel Plate

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Because of its unique process, color coated plate manufacturers are divided into stainless steel domestic embossing board and stainless steel imported embossing board. Some patterns can not be produced by domestic mechanical technology, even if some of the domestic mechanical technology can be produced, but the concave and convex surface is not as obvious as imported.

The woking quality determines the quality of the coating, and directly determines the physical indexes such as flexibility and impact resistance of the coating. It determines the adhesion of the coatings on the color coated rolls and the color coated sheets. The purpose of initial coating, finish coating and curing is to coat the coating on the surface of the substrate and volatilize the organic solvent of the coating by heating, so that the organic coating and the substrate can be closely combined.

In order to ensure the coating quality of color coated products, it is necessary to carry out pre-treatment work such as degreasing, dust removal and rust removal on the surface of substrate before coating. This is the first step to ensure the coating process, and also th

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