Type and thickness of color steel plate

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Colored steel plate is divided into many types of veneer, including antique or something. The thickness of composite plate (rock wool composite plate, polyphenylene composite plate) produced by color coated plate manufacturer is: 50cm, 75cm, 100cm, 150cm. As for price, it has a great relationship with the required color plate thickness, bulk density and quantity, so the price is different.

In addition to zinc protection, the organic coating on the zinc layer acts as a covering and isolation function for the color coated steel plate with galvanized steel plate as its base plate, which can prevent the steel plate from rusting and has a longer service life than that of the galvanized steel plate. It is reported that the service life of the coated steel plate is 50% longer than that of the galvanized steel plate. However, the service life of color coated sheets with the same galvanizing amount, the same coating and the same coating thickness will be very different in different areas and different parts of use.

Buildings or factories made of colored coated steel plates often have a longer service life when washed by rainwater, otherwise they will be affected by sulfur dioxide gas, salt and dust. Therefore, in the design, the more inclined the roof is, the less easy it is to accumulate dirt and other dirt, and the longer the service life. For those areas or parts that are not often washed by rainwater, water should be washed regularly.

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