Check the surface of the color board before using it.

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The color steel plate wall has corrosion phenomenon, which affects the life of the partition wall. Therefore, the color coated plate manufacturer suggests that when designing the partition wall of the workshop, a cement foundation or a special brick with a height of 80-100 feet and a width of 50 feet should be made under the color steel plate partition wall, and then a color steel plate should be made on it. If it is on the side of the purification workshop, the partition wall should be protected by the profiles specially designed and used by the company (large arc). Certificate meets the requirements of the clean room, not the side of the clean workshop with terrazzo and acid-resistant ceramic tile pasted on it, to ensure beautiful.

Before using the color board, we should check the perfect condition of the color board surface. If the surface defect affects the appearance, it should be stored in another pile and properly protected for other use. Open the protective film to the position where the corner can not be pressed; clean up the garbage on the ground, do not let garbage gather in the gap between the corner and the ground, otherwise it will affect the overall beauty and indoor cleanliness. The fillet joints should be straight and even, and the transition between fillet joints and three-dimensional joints should be smooth.

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