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Cold-rolled products have high packaging requirements to prevent scratches on the surface during transportation. In addition to the above processes, there are special processes in the production of some special products. For example, when rolling silicon steel plate, decarbonization annealing should be carried out before cold rolling, coating, high temperature annealing, tension straightening (see tension straightening) and tempering should be carried out after rolling. Cold rolling usually adopts longitudinal rolling. Cold rolling process generally includes raw material preparation, rolling, degreasing, annealing (heat treatment), finishing and so on. Cold plate cold rolling takes hot rolled products as raw materials. Before cold rolling, raw materials should be descaled to ensure the surface cleanliness of cold rolled products.

Cold plate rolling is the main process of material deformation. The purpose of degreasing is to remove the lubricating grease attached to the rolled steel during rolling so as not to contaminate the surface of the steel during annealing and to prevent carburization of the stainless steel. Annealing includes intermediate annealing and product heat treatment. Intermediate annealing eliminates the work hardening caused by cold deformation by recrystallization to restore the plasticity of materials and reduce the deformation resistance of metals. The purpose of heat treatment of finished products is to eliminate hardening by recrystallization. It also depends on the technical requirements of the product to obtain the required structure (such as various textures) and product performance (such as deep drawing, electromagnetic properties, etc.). Cold plate finishing includes inspection, shearing, straightening (leveling), printing, classified packaging and so on.

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