Brief Introduction of Langfang Shenhua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Established in January 2005, Langfang Shenhua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is an entity company specializing in the production, processing and sale of cold rolled sheets. It integrates science, industry and trade. It is the earliest enterprise in the cold rolling industry in the region and the leading cold rolling enterprise in domestic equipment matching and production technology. After more than seven years of production and operation of all Shenhua people. Shenhua Company has developed into a local pillar enterprise with total assets of over 700 million yuan.

The company is located in the national industrial park of Dachang in the east of Beijing, between the three developed areas of Beijing, Tianjin and Tang Dynasty. It is 42 kilometers west of Tiananmen, 100 kilometers south of Tianjin and 120 kilometers east of Tangshan. It belongs to the hinterland of the metropolitan economic circle around the Bohai Sea and has unique geographical advantages. The company now covers an area of 200 mu, the building area of the factory is 105 mu. The company has 540 employees, including 20 senior technicians and 49 professional technicians.

The company is close to Beijing-Qinhuangdao Electrified Railway, 102 National Highway and Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway, and other important transportation trunk links between Beijing and major cities in Northeast China. Beijing Bus 817 (Langjiayuan-Xiadian-Dachang) is directly connected to Shenhua Company. The company is 38 kilometers to Capital International Airport, which takes only 40 minutes to arrive, and 120 kilometers to Tianjin Port and Tangshan Port. With unique land, sea and air traffic conditions, transportation is in all directions.

The development concept of "people-oriented" has taken root in Shenhua, where highly educated and highly skilled personnel from all walks of life are gathered. Nearly 100 employees with intermediate and senior titles and college or higher education are in the workshops of the company. They are distributed in key positions of logistics management, procurement, production, technology, equipment and sales companies. They have become the key positions to support the health of enterprises. The source power of rapid development. Here, it has become a gathering place of high-quality talents.

The company has four 1100mm cold rolling production lines and one 1380mm cold rolling production line. After years of continuous technological transformation, new equipment investment and management upgrading, the company has been able to produce high-quality cold rolling sheets. The advanced equipment and advanced management experience at the leading level in China have made our company's product quality super-hard and diversified. At present, its annual production capacity reaches 800,000 tons. In 2011, the company realized business income of 1.8 billion yuan and profits of 31 million yuan, which further confirmed Shenhua's strength.

In order to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise, the company implements the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the chairman. The company actively innovates the management mode, management mode and production mode. It adheres to the management concept of "quality first, honesty management, customer first" and adheres to the management concept of "brand strategy as the basis, information management as the platform, excellence, efficiency and speed, customer service as the orientation". We will unswervingly take the new road of industrialization of "sustained innovation in science and technology, low consumption of resources, less environmental pollution, good economic benefits and great social contribution".