Anshan Taige Metal Products Co., Ltd. was founded on February 24, 2017. The total area of the project is 112,960 square meters. The registered capital is 100 million yuan. It mainly deals with the processing and sales of color coated and galvanized coils, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons. The products are mainly used in many fields, such as ventilation pipeline, cable bridge, floor deck, building industry and household appliances industry. More than 20 national companies exported to Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa are located in Tai'an County Industrial Park of Anshan City, 576 kilometers away from Tai'an exit of Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway, surrounded by Shenyang, Jinzhou, Huludao, Yingkou, Dalian and Anshan, only 140 kilometers away from Yingkou Port, which is the central area of Liaoning Province, with excellent geographical location and extremely transportation. Convenience, with a unique geographical advantage.

The company's construction includes: a shallow channel prime-flow Push-pull Pickling line, two cold-rolling finishing line, two hot-dip aluminium-zinc-silicon production line and two printing and color coating line, all of which are produced by Zhongzhi Shaanxi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Motor Co., ABB Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., Beijing No.2 Nuclear Academy, Baosteel Roller Company, Huangshi Shanli Science and Technology Co., Beijing Star and Chonggong Co. The company and others jointly manufacture, with annual design capacity of 500,000 tons of aluminized zinc-coated silicon plate and 400,000 tons of printed color coated plate; the above equipment manufacturers are the leading domestic enterprises in technology, and Shanli Science and Technology is the high-precision technical equipment of the compiling unit of the national standard "Continuous Hot-dipped Aluminum-Galvanized Silicon Steel Plate and Steel Strip" and the company has mastered the most advanced and mature production process in China, so as to make the products. High yield, low production cost, good shape and high performance. Because the equipment is advanced, the staffing is reasonable, the quality is obviously higher than the same industry, the products can replace imports, therefore, in the same industry, has greater equipment advantages and technical advantages.