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Environmental protection

At the same time of production and self-development, enterprises also pay attention to environmental protection, and invest 50 million yuan in acid regeneration plant, comprehensive wastewater treatment station and installation equipment at the initial stage of plant construction. A large amount of manpower and funds are invested every month to treat wastewater and waste acid so as to reuse them and avoid pollution to the environment. The production process of waste acid recovery and regeneration system has reached the high standard of zero discharge, no pollution, high automation control level, low noise, high purity Fe2O3 powder, stable quality of regenerated acid and high yield of regenerated acid.


Acid regeneration plant                                                                                  Acid regeneration equipment


Acid regeneration equipment                                                                       Acid regeneration equipment

The wastewater produced in the production process is discharged to the comprehensive wastewater treatment station through fixed pipes for unified treatment. The comprehensive wastewater treatment station adopts the domestic advanced "pretreatment + biological oxidation technology treatment" process, which can simultaneously treat oily wastewater, acidic wastewater and alkaline oily wastewater. The treated water can meet the national secondary discharge standard and be drinkable.


Comprehensive Wastewater Treatment Station


Treated water of comprehensive wastewater treatment station